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Heat-seal film for ironing on embroidery design rather than sewing on

In comparison to other coated embroideries the complete back of an embroidery design shall be used as adhesive ground.


Available in 2 qualities:



  • for industry clothes, may be washed at 95°C
  • is applied on the embroidery pattern by means of an ironing press with adjustable temperature/time/pressure



  • for household clothes, may be washed at 40°C
  • is applied on the embroidery pattern by an ironing press, too, however, may also be applied by an iron





Special foil (water soluble) for use with very difficult patterns and most difficult fabrics

Main areas of application:

  • on knitwear
  • on terry cloth 
  • of complicated patterns with small details: STICKMA SOLVY allows an essentially better embroidery result when working with small details because the foil applied an top prevents the small stitches from disappearing in the cloth.


KK 100


Transparent spray glue (for temporary adhesion); contains no CFCs; available in spray cans (individual cans or cartons of 12 cans).

KK100 flammable, non-toxic and odorless.

Supplied in cans of 500ml each.


Possible applications:

  • stretchy fabrics and knitwear: To avoid pulling knitwear out of shape, use KK 100 to attach backing and material

  • applique: KK 100 holds appliques correctly in place for embroidering

  • slippery material: KK 100 helps eliminate puckering -spray backing and attach fabric

  • unfinished garments: KK 100 holds fabrics in place - especially suitable for pockets, collars,...

  • for embroidery items which cannot or ideally should not be stretched on a frame in order to avoid pressure marks: frame STIFFY® backing, spray it and fix fabric for embroidering




STEP is a structured fabric in a lock stitch optic, giving the impression of applicated areas having been embroidered.



Art.No. 421 + colour code for 3 m length
Art.No. 420 + colour code for 10 m length


STEP is adhesive coated and has to be ironed after embroidering to fix the appliqué to the base material:

temperature: 175 °C
pressure 6 bar
time: 18 sec.


Material composition:

  • Fabric: 100 % polyester

  • Coating: 50 % polyamide

  • 50 % polyethylene

  • Coating weight: 34 - 36 g/m










A three-dimensional effect is achieved when placed under your satin stitch embroidery
Available in 2 thicknesses:

PE 20 - softer, suitable for outerwear
PE 10 - harder, suitable for caps, logos

Consists of PE ( Polyethylen )


PUFFY has to be placed on the fabric to be embroidered and/or stuck with adhesive spray KK 2000 and fastened with a satin stitch (e. g. wide lettering). The needle will perforate the material - take care of high density






Heat sensitive fabric made of viscose staple fibres.

THERMOGAZE as artifical embroidery ground for the so called etching embroidery.

It is used for stabilizing problematic ground fabrics or for embroidery of complicated patterns with fine details (in this case THERMOGAZE has to be placed on the fabric)